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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
7:27 am - Where I Write
I am going to try and update Incorrect Blitz Input more often, it should be a great place to record our new rigorous workout schedule.

Dave and I are still going strong at Critical Hits, and most of you pretty much read it already anyway.

I'm still hoping to get Parallax Perspectives off the ground, but I haven't found the golden inspiration yet.  There are some quality quick sketches from myself and Jen from last year so check those out despite the site being dead right now.

I do enjoy livejournal and the friend-tracking features it provides, but will probably be neglecting this because really 4 blogs would just be TOO many.  :D

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Monday, June 25th, 2007
6:13 pm - A Hitman's Collect Call
My good friends Josh and Diego (and Pete) made a video for I assume a contest of some sort, it's in the style of John Woo and it's only 2 minutes 30 seconds long I recommend giving it a watch!  I'd say it's pretty good in quality, but then you factor in (as much as Josh hates hearing it) that they did the whole thing within the span of a week and it makes it look even better.  Please let me know what you think and if you have a myspace account rate it so they can know too.

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
11:27 am
"Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at." - Jimmy Demaret 

I love quote of the day sometimes.  This one is from Monday, but I just now remembered to post it.

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Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
10:20 pm - Greetings Programs!

Yea, I went there.  I quoted Tron.  If you don't know what f-ing Tron is then be sure to let me know so I can come over there and kick you right in the face.  

The time is now 10:21, we (Becky and I) will be leaving in about 10 minutes to go hang out at the theater for an hour and a half until we get to experience pure geek-fan-boy/girl-love in the form of Spiderman 3.  Or should I say, Venom: The Movie.

I've been fighting with allergies for two weeks now, and I've never had any problems with them before.  I also seem to have a lingering cold/cough that compounded with an excellently busy week at work so far.   I mean that, being busy at work is generally a good thing, more money and I get to learn/do a lot more also.  I've also very quickly become addicted to Golf, or rather the illusion of participating in the sport thereof, as all we do to this point is spent an hour or two at the driving range.  I've often scoffed at the intricacies of fans of the so-called "sport", but you really have to admit there is something torridly alluring about the whole thing.  Not having to run is a big one.  Perhaps someday the trends will change it to some sort of fetch-golf, where players undertake the horrible habit of chasing their balls down the fairway in an effort to catch it.  Or perhaps speed-golf, played in real-time with no turns or graciousness.  100 people tee-off, one survives.  My kind of sport.  X-treme golf anyone?  No?  They have extreme-fing-frisbee and you don't like the sound of extreme-golf?  I hate you.

It seems I've started talking to LiveJournal, perhaps I've gone too far?  Maybe I haven't gone far enough?

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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
9:06 pm

It's definitely interesting, feeling the urge to complain about having a cat in bed with me, but I honestly can't feel any bad feelings other then passing annoyance with her.  This morning, around 4am, I awoke (an hour before I normally get up) because something just felt wrong, then I realized that there was a big lump of breathing fur taking up the top half of my pillow.  :D  She also loves to get on the computer desk in front of me and play with the text, cursor, etc.  Becky says she gets her to sleep on the desk somehow, but I just can't pull it off.

This last weekend we had a lot to look forward to and do, Friday night we went to the pool hall with my parents and my aunt (who recently has been dealing with breast cancer) so it was very good to see her and we had a great time.  Saturday our friends from California Ben and Megan were in town so there was quite a party for that, but ALSO Saturday afternoon I went to a driving range for the first time, so I'm started on the road to golfing?  Then as a contrast we went mini-golfing on sunday, i managed to get two hole-in-ones but sucked it the rest of the time.

Spiderman 3 in two weeks!

I'd like to suggest, for my friends who aren't aware, that my friend Steve who is a cook/chef/food-guy started a LJ blog and then moved it to blogger (a good move), and if you have any interest in cooking or food I highly recommend going there and reading up! 

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
11:17 pm - As promised, demanded, extorted, etc...

Here's our kitty!  Sophie adapted quite well to our apartment, almost instantly it seems, and we're amazingly thrilled to have her!

She likes to flop out in the middle of the floor, for about 10 seconds, and then play for about 3 hours.  Rinse, Repeat...

I risked my life to get such a close image of her, she nearly cuddled my eye out!  This is never-before-seen footage of the wild-house cat in her native habitat - coffee-table land!

It's actually amazing, Becky let me name her after a video game character, Sophitia from Soul Caliber!  Yes, I'm gay, but it's cute when shortened to Sophie and fits the demanded naming scheme of my wife's insane family.

You can see plenty more pictures of our new kitty (not sophitia the greek babe), hopefully with frequent updates, at my flickr page!

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
9:56 pm - Your 3 Step Guide to Marriage
Step 1 - wife decides she wants cat
Step 2 - after much pointless arguing, diliberation, and consternation, you realize that you also want a cat
Step 3 - obtain Kitteh

The End.

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
7:21 pm - And on the Fourth Month

I got sick, just a cold I think but it's enough to make me feel yucky.  That's a very manly way of putting it.  Football. Cars. Boobies.  (okay now I feel like a man again...)

I've discovered a new level of hypocrisy.  I yearn for others to update their blogs, journals, whatever...I don't even care how boring it is as long as I read something they've written, yet I neglect my own.  I just yesterday finished reading Brunelleschi's Dome, by and far one of the best books I've ever read, PLUS I finished it within a year after getting it which is kind of a big deal for me.  I was shocked and happy to discover that Brunelleschi was basically the inventor of 2d architectural drawings, before him everything was planned based upon crude models.  He discovered 1-point perspective representation, he engineered, designed, and built the LARGEST masonry dome EVER in the early 1400's...and yes, it is still the largest masonry dome ever.  St. Peter's is 30ft. smaller, the US Capitol is less then a third the size.  If you ever get the chance to find yourself in Florence, Italy...you can't miss it.  No, really, it's huge so you won't be able to not see it!

Becky and I are currently obsessed with our PSP version of Puzzle Quest, it is a lovely combination of classic japanese RPG and Bejeweled like gameplay.  Mix in some item crafting, leveling, and spell management and I'm sold!  Josh recently handed down his old x-box to us, including 15+ games including Ninja Gaiden, Halo, Sudeki, and Mech Assault 2.  Having so many games to play for the first time on top of Oblivion to beat, FFXII to finish, and I find wanting a Wii or X-box 360 kind of trivial.  It seems like staying a few years behind the gaming mark in most places is really the way to go, as Ninja Gaiden is just as good now as it would have been when it came out, only this time it's FREE!  can I get a w00t?

Work has literally been fluctuating between crap-inducing boredom and really-sweet excitement, so I can't complain too much.  It's Spring-time and now that Becky and closer to home we are really looking forward to spending lots of time with friends in the area.  Well, that's it for now, I'll be trying to keep a better track of this thing, and hopefully soon I'll get to tell you all how this whole global warming thing is really all Al Gore's fault!

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Monday, February 26th, 2007
7:34 pm - A Very Convenient Fact
Last night at the Academy Awards, An Inconvenient Truth won the Oscar for best documentary, which I'm actually pretty happy about.  The problem is that Leo Dicaprio and Al Gore seemed very cuddly with themselves because they've apparently "made the Oscars more green".  Certainly it's a good effort, and any changes to what's being done is a step in the right direction, but I don't see how they can seriously be proud of themselves for taking something that was the opposite of green and turn it a click closer, making it somewhere around a slightly orange shade of pure crimson red. 
How much energy, time, and natural material is wasted by the Academy Awards?  All of the suits, dresses, jewelry, advertising media and paper - how much time and energy is used just in creating this stuff?  Not to mention the fact that it won't be used after last night (okay, maybe it will but you know some of it isn't!), hopefully this is one of the things that Leo and Al Gore have improved, recycling of the crap that's wasted for the ceremonies.  Then there's the concert hall itself, how much energy is needed to light, heat, prepare and tear-down that place for celebrities to spend 4 hours of their time comfortably sitting there and looking good. 
The transporation required to have this thing happen is insane, how many planes, cars, limos, and Hummers were used in getting all of the richest of the rich into one place?  Did more then 50% of the attendees ride a bus or bicycle to the proceedings?  I fill out LEED documents pretty frequently, and if it's less then 25% you don't get much credit at all.  Was the concert hall set up and stage layout kept up for other performances?  Oh, sorry, a giant gold statue doesn't really fit in with much other then perhaps El Dorado: the musical journey of eroticism with inanimate objects
Yes, I watched about half of the whole ceremony last night AND I enjoyed it a good amount, but the point I'm making is that they were proud of themselves for "making it more Green".  In the scope of things they really haven't done much of anything, if you want the Academy Awards to be of any help you have to cancel them outright and distribute the Oscars online to celebrities, or just let them know in person via Segways or delivered via Commuter Bus.  I'm all for what they are trying to accomplish, I absolutely HATE the reasons they're using to try and convince the stupid-world to go along with the ideas, but I'll get into all that in a day or two.

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
1:29 pm - Library Expedition
Becky and I went by the public library last weekend for the first time, and it is a very nice (brand new) building.  I was surprised to find two Jack Chalker books that I'd never even heard of, much less seen, before.  The Ninety Trillion Fausts and Dancers in the Dark.  I will most likely end up checking out both of them in the next few months, depending on how quickly I get through the books I have that I need to read now.  It's always interesting to see which of his books stores and libraries will actually have, and it's only rarely that I find the same book twice in any given year.

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Monday, February 19th, 2007
1:21 am - Generalness to the Extreme

Last week we got 4-5 inches of snow and ice from Tuesday through Wednesday.  By Thursday morning it had basically turned into one solid 4 inch block of white-tinted ice.  Thanks to carpooling to work now, which saves me 300 miles of driving/gas a week = one tank of gas a week = $100 a month, I hadn't moved my car until today.  Some ingenuity with a shovel, a butterknife, and a bowl of hot water eventually got my car into the world of movement again.  I feel like f-ing McGuyver saying that.  If only I'd used a straw and some silly-putty to form some sort of ice-destroying flamethrower, then the transformation would be complete!

Things are happening over at my new sketch blog experiment, Parallax Perspectives, check it out and if you have an artistic bone in your body please feel free to join in.  That or if you think you can come up with excellent theme ideas I definitely would appreciate the help.  So far we've done "Abandoned Robot" and "Devastating Statue" (credit to Dave for the second one), and I'm happy with the ideas they get flowing.  

I really can't wait for 300, coming out on March 9th, we're already planning on seeing it opening night because it's going to be just that - plain - awesome.  The visuals look to be so stunning that it is a must-see in theaters, and we really haven't gone to see a movie in a few months so I figure this is the one to go to, also to make up for missing Sin City in theaters.

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Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
11:14 pm - Delusions of illusions

It's rather annoying that, in most fonts, a capital 'i' and a lowercase 'L' look identical.  It makes capitalizing words like illusion, illness, illustration, and illustrious.  When you get to a word like illinois, which DEMANDS to be capitalized by the english language, you're simply asking for trouble...

AND TROUBLE YOU SHALL HAVE!  Illinois, it just looks stupid, like your processor has simply commited suicide trying to process the bits and bytes representing the beginning of that word and devolved into spitting out lines in a row instead.  Well it is now february, six days deep in fact, and I am doing quite well with my goal of completing 52 comics this year.  My sixth one in six weeks will be posted at about midnight:30 Wednesday morning, you should be able to find it HERE!  

I am of two minds about whether or not the internet makes me smarter, or lazier.  I find myself referencing the online dictionary what must average out to be about 5 times a week.  Sometimes 3-4 or more in a day, others i won't touch it for an entire week.  Am I lazy for just not wanting to figure out what the words mean, or not wanting to turn ALL those weighty pages in ye-olde print dictionary (my work has one that is about 8 inches cover to cover...you could kill a small child with it....no really, it's been tested.  Don't f- with our work dictionary.  Or we'll crush your child.  Flat.)  OR am I simply gaining knowledge of what crazy, rarely used words mean.  Like illinois...who knew it was a PLACE?!  I wouldn't live there, you can't even capitalize the name in most fonts!  RIDICULOUS!

For the last few months I haven't been reading very much, up until January i'd say.  I recieved three books from Becky for my birthday last year, The Art of War, Brunelleschi's Dome, and Michealangelo and the Pope's Ceiling.  All are supposed to be fantabulous!  Just this weekend I finished up reading the Art of War and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed it.  Something about reading ancient wisdom from 500 BC just makes you feel smarter, and guides you to a better understanding of the history of our world.  The topic of war has become a silly thing these days, people like to forget what's happened and what's been accomplished, and most terribly people like to use the saying "learn from the past" as a justification for never doing something.  What you learn from the past is that an understanding of all things is necessary to life, you cannot simply say "war is not the answer" and believe you've solved millenia of problems.  You haven't, and you're really not helping that much either.  The real thing you should be worried about is, "what is the question?"  There's an eerie ominance to that, the fact that it is itself a question.

So now I've begun reading Brunelleschi's Dome, and obviously it's right up my alley.  Becky managed to get through about a third of the book, and I commend her on that because as I'm reading it I cannot possibly fathom someone without at least a decent investment in architectural or historical education getting much out of it at all.  I plan to share any great quotes that I find.

"Flying buttresses were rare in Italy, where architects regarded them as ugly and awkward makeshifts.  But... reasons for rejecting them were probably political as much as aesthetic or structural, in that they smacked of the architecture of Florence's traditional enemies: Germany, France, and Milan.  How the German barbarians, the Goths, had covered Europe with their clumsy and disproportionate edifices would later become a popular theme with writers of the Italian Renaissance."
I love it!  Nothing like some cultural elitism and bashing to make my day!  (I'm strongly German, just incase you didn't know...)


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Sunday, February 4th, 2007
7:41 pm - New Apartment in the Hizzy

Well our move is finally and completely done!  Friday afternoon I did our close-out inspection of the wonderful townhouse down in Greenbelt, and this weekend Becky and I got a ton more unpacking and cleaning finished in the new apartment!  It's definitely a great feeling to be hanging out with family or friends and not have to worry about an hour drive afterwards.  There is also a lot less stress involved with living in a one bedroom, one den apartment that is all on one floor rather then in a 3-story townhouse; the cleaning is easier, hanging out with one another is better (and more often), PLUS we spent yesterday afternoon painting a delicious light-green accent wall in our dining room!  Definitely photos of all this stuff coming very soon!

There was a whole, treacherous dealing with trying to get Verizon DSL, and in the end we have Adelphia and I'm glad we do.  I highly recomment to all of you NEVER to consider getting Verizon DSL, even if it ends up working out for you they just handled our situation so horribly that I cannot recommend them to anyone.  Also from stories I've heard, if you actually manage to GET them to provide you with some sort of service we might call "internet access", it's crap anyway.  They portray themselves as the cheaper version of highspeed internet, and that's EXACTLY what they are.  Cheaper and worse.  Crap bags.

Becky's been student teaching for the last few weeks, and it is wonderful.  We're both on similar schedules, no more one of us staying up until 4am and then sleeping in until noon on weekends.  It's really interesting how life throws new challenges and situations at you every step of the way.  Our relationship has developed quite a bit in the last 5 years, but now it's having to form as a pair of professionals working and trying to spend significant time with each other during the other hours of the day.  So far it's working out quite well, a few disagreements or bitchyness here and there, but other then that everything's great!

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
5:11 pm

Mend this careless thread
It's gone askew
Pull and see how much we can undo

elena99and I got into a discussin about Vegans/Vegetarians who avoid using Wool and Leather and other products that come from animals at all.  I told her I'd post about it because I felt bad flooding her one post with rampant stupidity.  The problem is we've probably discussed it enough already, and really it just boils down to the fact that I think they're stupid.  :)  I admire their ideals, and what I consider zealotry toward the cause they believe in, but an unignorable part of me always thinks back to the Native Americans and how at peace with nature they were, and they used all of these things.  I realize these animals weren't bred improperly or treated "inhumanely"  (rather, inanimally) but I don't see giving these things up as the solution to the problem.  You should support vendors and businesses that DO treat their animals properly, and that don't breed unnatural features into the animals simply to increase output.  

So fervent is my passion on this topic that it will no doubt work it's way into a few Critical Hits posts soon, getting back to my defunct arguments about human nature including violence and the need to experience primal things in everyday living.  We'll see.

Some sketches from mid/late last year that I found particularly note-worthy.  The first is a quick sketch I did of Becky, realizing (and being told) that I never really drew her that much (or any women at all for that matter) I did this as a follow up two months after the Green Lantern-Becky picture I posted a while back.  I'm fairly sure this was in preperation for the Star Trek: TNG comic I did, but I'll have to check the dates...yea that comic was posted on august 10th, so this was just before I drew that one.  The second sketch is one of a billion random small sketches I've done of Sucilaria, her World of Warcraft character - clearly a bitch paladin.  This was preparation for a comic I never ended up doing, but perhaps will revisit for hilarity later on.

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
12:13 pm - Fantabulous Day!!!
Great news!

The gist of it is that Disney is working on returning (at least) one of their studios to all tradition, hand-drawn animation!  Disney has put out by far some of the most beautiful hand-drawn animation ever to exist, and so to me this is some of the best news of the year!  Woo!

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Monday, December 18th, 2006
9:53 am - December 18th

Almost pointless to say is that the holiday season makes all things more difficult to do, as there are more distractions and more things to take up time.

I just want to know if anyone has actually gone to see Eragon?  Denise recently wrote a good (not positive, but well done) review of the book, which thankfully backed up Becky's initial reaction to the trailer.  Personally I think the trailer is nice looking, but that's really because they had several movies (and trailers for those movies) to just rip off.  Liking the original, the rip off is at least enjoyable on the base level, right?  This is about the trailer now, not the movie.  I wanted to know what someone thought who's actually seen the movie though.

I'm very happy that critics seems to be tearing it apart pretty thoroughly though, I could see it being a fine animated movie for children, but a "blockbuster" work of cinema?  I think not.  Written by a 15-17 year old should make some people in Hollywood wonder when starting a project.  Nonetheless, it made 20-some mil over the weekend, go figure.

Sketches and updates on life when I'm actually at home.

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Thursday, December 7th, 2006
1:40 pm
Not sure how many of you read or know what Penny Arcade is, but I really love the site.  Well yesterday Gabe on there posted a contest to win tickets to their awesome Charity Dinner for Child's Play.  It's a charity they started a few years back to supply children in hospitals around the world with games, toys, entertainment, basically anything that can brighten their days

- The 2006 Child's Play Logo
- A Cat
- Meat
- A City that is home to one of their partner Hospitals

Here's my submission, that I created in the last hours of the night (from 9pm - midnight) last night.  They were due in by noon PST (3pm) today, so I went ahead and sent mine off at midnight before I went to sleep.

So today on my way home from work I had to do one of the hardest things I've done in a while, and TURN DOWN the tickets when she called to offer them to me!  Needless to say I'm both sad and over-joyed that they loved it but that I can't go, this morning I juggled things over and we really couldn't take the middle of the week off like that, much less afford the plane tickets.  We're just now working on getting out of debt from the wedding (and our former over-spending habits).  It bites, yes, but still it's very excellent that they chose mine!  That's my update for today, tomorrow night is Becky's chorus' Lessons and Carols concert, so I'll try to update over the weekend with some new sketches!

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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
4:58 pm
December 5th, 1901 was Walt Disney's birthday.  He died in 1966, but in those 65 years he definitely left one of the largest human impacts ever to occur.  I know many people, for various random reasons, have a strong dislike for either the Disney corporation or for the man himself, but I know one thing for sure:  Walt Disney was a brilliant man who genuinely cared about other people.  While at Disneyworld for our honeymoon, we learned that when the park opened Walt himself would observe how many steps it took a small child to walk before they would drop the candy wrapper they had just bought.  I believe it was about 60 steps, and today there is a trashcan every 60 steps in Disney World.  Not to mention the fact that he is almost single-handedly responsible for our present worlds of Animation and Family Entertainment, not to mention the creation of the Theme Park and the most lovable and iconic cartoon characters in existence.  So today I wish a happy birthday to Walt Disney, inspiration to many.

Last night, in a fit of spite and angst, becky rapidly typed in the address  http://www.dannysucks.com/ into our browser, not an uncommon practice between us.  What she found was a bitter taste and utter embarassment.  See for yourselves!  This is not something of mine or anyone that I know of's creation, but it certainly led to amazement last night!  -awesome-

Today I recieved an excellent Amazon package, way before I expected it, which contained Becky's first awesome christmas present (haha!), a nice little book on techniques for producing ideas (marketing material mostly - work and personal), the movie Primer which I'm very much looking forward to watching for the second time, and the second volume of Penny Arcade paperback collections that are a real treat to read through.  

I actually did a few good sketches yesterday evening, and I hope to do some more tonight.  Soon I'll have some of them scanned and post them here, most exciting of all is that I'm one page away from the end of a huge sketchbook that, unfortunately, I started using back in the summer of 2004.  Then again, considering the last one like this one that I used I never got more then 3/4 of the way through before I got tired of looking at the old stuff in it (through highschool and early college) that I just put it away and started this new one.  I'm very pleased, not more then 10% of it is quality stuff, but it is really a great journal in and of itself, and I hope to keep more frequent updates of it as I am trying to do here!

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Monday, December 4th, 2006
4:10 pm - Tryptophan-esque Delusions

What?  No!  We can't stop here!  This is Bat Country!!!

This is the last thing I've written for this post, and the first you're reading.  We've just time-traveled.  Please join me again soon for more amazing adventures...IN TIME!

I've written this post backwards, in reverse paragraph-order, for what reason I'm not entirely certain.  There is something about me tonight that is reverse thinking I suppose, in that the first thing I should be considering is the last I get to.  Steve's recent post about anger lingers in my mind, because for what kind of happy person I've always considered myself, I've had my share of anger or easy-aggrivation issues in life.  I am very excited about how life is going for me (us) lately, we're moving soon and that always stirs up new things.  We'll be closer to Matt Moyer, Justin Huebner and his lovely new wife Jess, both of our parents and I think that will help a great deal.  Part of me is quite sad that I will no longer be "cool" and living right outside of DC, instead I'll be in Frederick which is one step away from just living back at home.  That's really the only downside I can think of right now, so that's good in the end - there aren't many bad points to the move.  We've discussed (Becky and I) possibly setting up a small area in my parent's basement for me to do oil painting, perhaps I should talk to my parents about it first, but I'm confident they have the room and would love it.  Something about putting the oils to the canvas opens my mind to a textured world beyond our own.  There's really a concious interaction with the 2d space that I get only rarely while drawing (if at all).  Paints are live - livid - interactive - and most of all such a classic medium.  Everyone uses pencils to write and I suppose that is why painting becomes a more exotic feeling.  IF this happens, I urge anyone who wants to do some painting to let me know, most people are afraid to paint but it is really a simple, easy process and the results are spectacular!  You'd have to plop down the moolah on the canvas (which ain't cheap!) of course, but I can see it being great fun for quite a few people!

Last tuesday the new Incubus cd came out (Light Grenades), I have to say I enjoy it a great deal but I'm still not sure if I consider it up to par with some of their previous cd's.  A lot of peoeple don't like much of their new music, but I find myself enjoying the entirety of the new cd, it is just different in new ways and inspires new feelings in me when I listen to it.  To me, that's a good thing for music to do, but as I said not sure how I feel it stands up to their older stuff yet.

Today's sketch is for an art blog that I feel pretty honored to be a part of called Crayon on the Walls.  The topic was "The Great Turkey Revolt of 2007!", and I'll thank becky for the excellent inspiration of the 'Space Turkeys' idea.  The reason Crayon is so f-ing sweet is because Hawk and Ananth from Applegeeks are a part of it, and they are immensely talented individuals!  I realize this is mostly web-comic geek speak, but still some of you will understand, others can simply enjoy the sketch for what it is:

(click sketch for a larger image)

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Thursday, November 16th, 2006
3:38 pm - Constituency Zero
I'll begin with a short and simple apology for it being more then a month since I've posted. Life has been understandably busy and fun all at the same time. After a several month break from reading I'm attempting to get back into the (semi-)daily habit, starting with one of my birthday presents from Becky: The Art of War by Sun Tzu     It is really an excellent read so far, and I'm still in the 80 page long introduction / preface, the book is believed to have been written between 500 and 300 BC, on lots of bamboo strips.  I'm actually learning a lot about Chinese history at the same time, and I always love a little extra-curricular and unexpected learning!  Some interesting quotes from the introduction:

"National unity was deemed by Sun Tzu to be an essential requirement of victorious war.  This could be attained only under a government which was devoted to the people's welfare and did not oppress them."  Many liter-arians, historians, whatever you care to make up to call them have made the observations that Sun Tzu's theories "were based on 'benevolence and righteousness'."  

Now many of you are probably thinking, "THAT'S LIBERAL TALK!"  and are thusly confused by it coming from me, but as a middle-of-the-road left-wing conservative (nazi-fascist swinehund) I reserve the right to mix and mingle my beliefs.  To elaborate a bit, I feel that even if a war is gone about poorly and does not coincide with the intricacies of the art of warfare, that does not make the war wrong nor mean that it should not have happened.  

Thoughts on that paragraph got cut short because Dave sent me here:  http://thefunniest.info/    He also told me he uploaded some of my comics/photoedits up there.  If you're clicking through you might come across a few, I'd say vote for them but even I chose the cat playing Stairway on the guitar over my own work.  :P

More to come soon!

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